ENDALT; $SQL="SELECT count(*) as scancount FROM netradio WHERE genre LIKE '%SCANNER%'"; $RESP=dbget('radio',$SQL); $TOTALSCAN=number_format($RESP[0]['scancount'],0,'.',','); $MAINCONTENT .= <<SCANNER Radio

Broadcast Directory of Live Scanner Feeds

There are {$TOTALSCAN} SCANNER broadcasts available in our Radio Station Net, These audio feeds are similar to what you find when using a scanner, which usually operate by scanning UHF and VHF frequencies between 30 MHz to 900 Mhz. The most popular feed type available falls under the category of "Public Safety" and includes live streams from Police, Fire and Ambulance personnel. For more on scanning and the bands and types of services, see our Scanner Frequencey Range Chart. Click on our interactive USA map below which will show you which broadcasts are availble online now for each State.

Click on any State to see it's List of Available Scanner Broadcasts

AM U.S. Radio Map West Virginia South Carolina North Carolina Oregon Maryland Tennessee Minnesota Minnesota Virginia Montana Nevada Idaho Missouri Nevada California Illinois Indiana New Mexico New Mexico Colorado Colorado Texas Arkansas Nebraska Texas Nebraska Vermont New Hampshire Florida Georgia Kentucky South Carolina New York Arizona Hawaii Alaska Alaska Oregon Wyoming Texas Texas Iowa South Dakota North Dakota Tennessee North Carolina Montana Maryland Delaware New Jersey Pennsylvania Michigan Kansas Oaklahoma Minnesota Wisconsin Wisconsin Idaho Utah Louisiana Indiana Illinois California Alabama Mississippi Ohio Ohio Arkansas Vermont New Jersey Lousiana Rhode Island Connecticut New Hampshire Maine Rhode Island Massachusetts Connecticut Massachusetts Washington Washington Georgia Georgia Arizona

Scanner Frequencey Range Chart

Frequency RangeBandDetails
High Frequency (HF) Band (3 MHz thru 30 MHz
25-30 MHz
Industrial Services\nRadio/TV Broadcast Pickup\nCivil Air Patrol\nCitizens Band (CB)\nBusiness Radio\n10-Meter Amateur Band
Very High Frequency (VHF) Band (30 MHz thru 300 MHz
30-50 MHzLow Band
NFM Land Mobile Communications
Fire & Emergency\nLocal Police\nLocal Police\nState Police\nPolice, State Police, Fire & Ambulance
50-54 MHz6 Meter Ham
NFM Amateur Radio (with some repeaters)
52.525 Main Simplex /PRE>
54-72 MHzTelevision
WFM TV Channels 2-4
Channel 2 Audio\nChannel 3 Audio\nChannel 4 Audio
72-76 MHzPaging Systems & Links
NFM paging
76-88 MHzTelevision
WFM TV Channels 5-6
Channel 5 Audio\nChannel 6 Audio
88-108 MHzFM Broadcast
88.1-107.9@.200 in odd steps
WFM broadcast radio
108-137 MHzAircraft Band
AM aviation communications
137-144 MHzUS Military
Canadian Police
NFM great opportunities near the border
144-148 MHz2 Meter Ham
145.110-145.490@.020\n146.520\n146.610-147.390@.015 or .020
NFM Amateur Radio with many Repeaters
Repeaters\nMain Simplex\nRepeaters
148-174 MHzHigh Band
NFM Land Mobile, Marine & Weather
Fire & Ambulance\nPolice & Ambulance\nMarine\nPolice\nCanadian Weather Radio\nWeather Radio
174-216 MHzTelevision
TV channels 7-13
Channel 7 Audio\nChannel 7 Audio\nChannel 8 Audio\nChannel 9 Audio\nChannel 10 Audio\nChannel 11 Audio\nChannel 12 Audio\nChannel 13 Audio\n
216-222 MHz
DIG digital land mobile
222-225 MHz220 Ham Band
NFM Amateur Band with some Repeaters
Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Band (30 MHz thru 3 GHz)
225-406 MHzMilitary Aircraft
406-420 Federal
AM Military Aviation Band
420-450 MHz70 CM Ham
NFM Amateur Radio with many Repeaters
Repeaters\nMain Simplex
450-470 MHzUHF Band
NFM Land Mobile
Police & Fire\nPolice\nFire\nAmbulance
470-512 MHzUHF T Band
NFM Land Mobile (Commercial)
470-806 MHzUHF Television
WFM UHF TV Channels
470-512 Channels 14-512 (+ Land Mobile)\n512-698 Channels 21-51 (Ch 37 Astronomy)\n
806-956 MHz800 Band
NFM Trunked and Cellular
Public Safety & Land Mobile (was TV Ch 70-72)\nMobile Telephones (was TV Ch 73-77)\nPublic Safety & Land Mobile (was TV Ch 77-80)\nWireless Cellphone Towers & Base Stations
ENDMAIN; } if($EXT[0] != '') { $sab = array( 'al','ak','az','ar','ca','co','ct','de','fl','ga', 'hi','id','il','in','ia','ks','ky','la','me','wy', 'md','ma','mi','mn','ms','mo','mt','ne','nv','nh', 'nj','nm','ny','nc','nd','oh','ok','or','pa','ri', 'sc','sd','tn','tx','ut','vt','va','wa','wv','wi','dc','gu','pr','as','mp','vi' ); $fsn = array( 'alabama','alaska','arizona','arkansas','california','colorado','connecticut','delaware','florida','georgia', 'hawaii','idaho','illinois','indiana','iowa','kansas','kentucky','louisiana','maine','wyoming', 'maryland','massachusetts','michigan','minnesota','mississippi','missouri','montana','nebraska','nevada','new hampshire', 'new jersey','new mexico','new york','north carolina','north dakota','ohio','oklahoma','oregon','pennsylvania','rhode island', 'south carolina','south dakota','tennessee','texas','utah','vermont','virginia','washington','west virginia','wisconsin','washington dc','guam','puerto rico','american samoa','northern mariana islands','virgin islands' ); $EXT[0]=str_replace('-',' ',$EXT[0]); $EXT[0]=str_replace('.html','',$EXT[0]); $i=0; foreach($fsn as $sn) { if($EXT[0]==$sn) { $CS=strtoupper($sab[$i]);$STATE=ucwords($sn);$STATEPATH=str_replace(' ','-',$EXT[0]); } $i++; } if($CS != '') { $page['title']="State of {$STATE} Live SCANNER Feeds"; $page['description']="Index of all live SCANNER audio broadcasts available from the State of {$STATE}"; if($_POST['order'] != '' && preg_match('|-|',$_POST['order'])) { list($FIELD,$DIR)=explode('-',$_POST['order']); $SQL="SELECT * FROM netradio where genre LIKE '%SCANNER%' AND State='{$CS}' ORDER BY {$FIELD} {$DIR}"; } if($EXT[1]!='' && $EXT[1]!='json') { $SQL="SELECT * FROM netradio where genre LIKE '%SCANNER%' AND State='{$CS}' AND id='{$inid}' LIMIT 1"; } if($SQL=='') { $SQL="SELECT * FROM netradio where genre LIKE '%SCANNER%' AND State='{$CS}' ORDER BY City,name ASC"; } //echo "SQL: $SQL"; $RESP=dbget('radio',$SQL); $JSON=json_encode($RESP); $TOTALSCANNER=count($RESP); $CSORD='ASC'; $FQORD='ASC'; $SLORD='ASC'; $PLORD='ASC'; if($FIELD=='name' && $DIR=='ASC') { $NAMEORD='DESC'; } if($FIELD=='City' && $DIR=='ASC') { $COUNTYORD='DESC'; } if($FIELD=='genre' && $DIR=='ASC') { $GENREORD='DESC'; } $table.= << ENDTS; if($EXT[1]!='' && $EXT[1]!='json') { $table= <<
ENDTS; } foreach($RESP as $ST) { $OWNER=ucwords(strtolower($ST['Licensee'])); $CITY=ucwords(strtolower($ST['City'])); $PLACE=ucwords(strtolower("{$ST['City']}, {$EXT[0]}")); if($EXT[1]=='' || $EXT[1]=='json') { if($BGC == '#edcfc9') { $BGC="#c3948b"; } else { $BGC="#edcfc9"; } $NEWGEN=str_replace('SCANNER ','',$ST['genre']); $table.="\n"; $STATIONCOUNT++; } if($EXT[1]!='' && $EXT[1]!='json') { if($ST['Service']=='FM') { $PARENT=$i; } if($ST['thumbnail']!='') { $THUMB="Station Thumbnail"; } else { $THUMB=''; } $table.= "\t\t\t\t\t\t\t"; $i++; } } $table.= "
Service Frequency File Power DA Operation Class ASRN App ID Latitide Longitude
"; //var_dump($JSON); } if($_POST['order'] != '' && preg_match('|-|',$_POST['order'])) { echo $table;exit; } //$page['onload']="showtable('callsign-asc');"; if($EXT[1]=='') { $TIME=time(); $alt[] = << .genpick{ margin:1px; float:left; width:925px;height:130px; border:1px solid #616261; -webkit-border-radius: 13px; -moz-border-radius: 13px; border-radius: 13px; font-family:digi,arial, helvetica, sans-serif; padding: 10px 10px 10px 10px; text-decoration:none; text-shadow: -1px -1px 0 rgba(0,0,0,0.3);font-size:15px;font-weight:normal; text-align: center; color: #ffff00; background-color: #644bee; background-image: -webkit-gradient(linear, left top, left bottom, color-stop(0%, #7d7e7d), color-stop(100%, #644bee)); background-image: -webkit-linear-gradient(top, #7d7e7d, #644bee); background-image: -moz-linear-gradient(top, #7d7e7d, #644bee); background-image: -ms-linear-gradient(top, #7d7e7d, #644bee); background-image: -o-linear-gradient(top, #7d7e7d, #644bee); background-image: linear-gradient(top, #7d7e7d, #644bee);filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient(GradientType=0,startColorstr=#7d7e7d, endColorstr=#644bee); } .genpick:hover{ margin:1px; width:920px; float:left; text-decoration:none; border:1px solid #4a4b4a; background-color: #646464;color:#ffffff; background-image: -webkit-gradient(linear, left top, left bottom, color-stop(0%,#646464), color-stop(100%, #f32126)); background-image: -webkit-linear-gradient(top, #646464, #f32126); background-image: -moz-linear-gradient(top, #646464, #f32126); background-image: -ms-linear-gradient(top, #646464, #f32126); background-image: -o-linear-gradient(top, #646464, #526d0f); background-image: linear-gradient(top, #646464, ##f32126;filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient(GradientType=0,startColorstr=#646464, endColorstr=#f32126); } ENDALT; $LTS=str_replace(' ','-',$EXT[0]); if($CS) { $MAINCONTENT = <<

State of {$STATE}
Live SCANNER Feeds

Index of All Available SCANNER Broadcasts in the State of {$STATE}

There are {$TOTALSCANNER} SCANNER broadcasts in the state of {$STATE}.
{$STATE} Scanner Radio Police Fire Ambulance
ENDMAIN; } } else { // Here we should know the state index values etc and bring up a callsign in /band/state/callsign style path //var_dump($RESP); if($PARENT != '') { $ST=$RESP[$PARENT]; } else { $ST=$RESP[0]; } $title=$page['title']="{$ST['Callsign']} ({$ST['Service']} {$ST['Frequency']})"; $des=$page['description']="{$ST['branding']} {$ST['slogan']}"; if($ST['twitter'] != '') { $TWITTER_BUTTON = ""; $TWITTER_FRAME = << ENDTWITTER; } if($ST['facebook'] != '') { $FACEBOOK_BUTTON = "facebook"; if(!preg_match('|/group|',$ST['facebook'])) { if($TWITTER_FRAME != '') { $FACEBOOK_FRAME1 = '
'; } } } if($ST['youtube'] != '') { $YOUTUBE_BUTTON = ""; $YOUTUVE_FRAME = '
'; } $LICNAME=ucwords(strtolower($ST['Licensee'])); if($ST['logo']!='') { $LOGO="{$ST["; } $CITYGOOD=ucwords(strtolower($ST['City'])); $COMP1=strtolower($CITYGOOD); $COMP2=strtolower("$CITYGOOD}, {$SC}"); $COMP3=strtolower("{$CITYGOOD}, {$STATE}"); $LBC=strtolower($ST['bcast']); if($LBC != $COMP1 && $LBC != $COMP2 && $LBC != $COMP3 && $LBC!='' && $LBC !=' ') { $SERVING=", and serving {$ST['bcast']}"; } else { $SERVING='.'; } if($ST['weburl']) { $WEBSITE="You can learn more about the {$ST['Callsign']} radio station on their website: {$ST['weburl']}"; } else { $WEBSITE=""; } if($ST['streamurl']=='' && $ST['altstream']=='') { $ABOUTSTREAM="Sorry, We are not aware of any currently available online broadcast streams for this station."; } else { $ABOUTSTREAM="{$ST['Callsign']} can be heard online using the Radio Station Net Player."; $ACTIVATOR="

Click here to activate the player now!"; $TIME=time(); $alt[]=<< function OpenPlayer(stationid){ document.getElementById('playerspot').innerHTML="
"; document.getElementById('playerspot').style.display='block'; } ENDALT; } if($ST['fac_address1'] != '') { if($ST['fac_zip2'] !='') { $ZIPCODE=$ST['fac_zip1'].'-'.$ST['fac_zip2']; } else { $ZIPCODE=$ST['fac_zip1']; } $ADDRESS="{$ST['Callsign']} FCC Facility Location:
{$ST['fac_address1']} {$ST['fac_address1']}, {$ST['fac_city']}, {$ST['fac_state']} {$ZIPCODE}
"; $alt[] = ''; $alt[] = "\n"; $alt[] = "\n"; $alt[] = "\n"; $page['onload']="Load();"; $address = '[{"address": "'.$ST['fac_address1'].' '.$ST['fac_city'].', '.$ST['fac_state'].' '.$ST['fac_zip1'].'", "name": "'.$ST['Callsign'].'"}]'; //$address = '[{"lat": "'.$ST['Latitide'].'", "lng": "'.$ST['Longitude'].'"}]'; $falt[] = << function Load(){ $('#mapInfoManual').imGoogleMaps({ address: $address, map: 'googMap', street_view: 'street_view', street_close_loc: "/images/close_btn.gif", progress_bar: {container: 'imProgBarCntnr', bar_back_class: 'imBarBack', bar_class: 'imProgBar'}, geocode_request_rate: 100, custom_marker: {'type': 'standard', 'icon_color': '#ffcc00', 'label_color': '#ffffff', 'label_size': '14'}, show_streetview_overlay: true }); }; ENDWTF; } $alt[] = ''; $alt[] = ''; $alt[] = ''; $page['onload'] = 'initialize()'; $GOOGLEMAP = '
Loading Main Map for '.$ST['Callsign'].'...
'; $exclude="+-#"; $gkey = 'AI39si4PMfkNMp1VkrauEitfldpuW_Bghl5jpzOXgUMguIN_9vSo5thWY1ZVVsYGfqQ7z2k2Bv3a_ElI2BQzYIh6honfSqyhuQ'; list($FREQ,$SP) = explode(' ',$ST['Frequency']); $MAINCONTENT = <<
Radio Station Net

{$ST['Callsign']} {$ST['Service']} {$FREQ}


This radio station is licensed by the FCC to {$ST['Licensee']} in {$CITYGOOD}, {$STATE}{$SERVING}

Antenna: ASRN# {$ST['asrn']} ({$ST['Latitude']}/{$ST['Longitude']})
{$ADDRESS} ENDSTATION; } } if($MAINCONTENT != '') { $html .= heading($page,$alt,$topleft,$TOPAD,FALSE); $html .= $MAINCONTENT; $html .= footer($page,$ADVALUE,$SOURCE,$AUTHOR); echo $html; exit; } ?>

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