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In January of 2013, Robert Kluver, founder of the Local Town Websites project was working with his associate Tim Long on adding audio streams of local radio stations to the portal pages media sections. Together they thought the work that had been done was quite impressive, however a national directory of all U.S. based AM and FM radio stations, including the ability to launch and play them became their next goal, and after hours of searching for the perfect available domain name for this new project, radiostationnet.com was born.

Radio Station Net would soon grow to be more than a simple directory with links for listening to internet radio streams. While the directory of AM and FM stations was being built, a new way to play the audio streams was also being developed. A javascript based player was created, based on the open source Videolan VLC Player plugins for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari web browsers. VLC was selected for its far superior performance over other players and will likely remain in place as the preferred method of listening to all stations supported by the project. Other players, such as Windows Media Player, Real and Quicktime failed to offer the universal support of most streams without the requirement for the installation of additional codecs. These other players also had memory, buffering and overmodulation issues that failed to deliver quality audio for most stations.

Within only a few weeks, other types of radio related audio streams were added to the directory, including stations which had no broadcast towers and required no FCC licenses to operate. These "net radio" stations are served on streaming servers such as Icecast and Shoutcast by both private individuals and companies whose main source of listeners is from Internet users. Over 20,000 net radio streams were added to the directory based on their associated genre(s). Before the firt month would end however, two more radio 'bands' were added.

Available Weather Radio stations from the National Weather Service were added to the directory and the player, allowing visitors to quickly tune in to their local weather information when a nearby stream supporting their local S.A.M.E. code is available. Furthermore, a new band section appropriately named 'SCANNER' was added to support broadcasts of individuals using multiband UHF and VHF scanner radio equipment, mainly used for public safety by local police, fire and ambulance agencies.

While "Radio Station Net" has only been around for a very short time, a lot of hard work and talent has been brought in to make the player and directory services available the best it can be. Future plans include an alternate player for mobile and gaming devices based on HTML 5 and Flash, a facebook application, and mobile versions of the player compatible with Android and iOS phones and tablets.

To contact our creative team and discuss the Radio Station Net project further, please join us on our radio forum.

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