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There are 1,010 Weather radio stations operating throughout the U.S., broadcasting on 7 frequencies between 162.400 MHz to 162.550 MHz, known as the weather band, with facilities operating at a power of 5 watts to 1000 watts. Embedded signals inside audio alert messages contain what are known as S.A.M.E. codes (Specific Area Message Encoding) to flag weather radio receivers, configured with the correct code, when weather and other related messages are available from the National Weather Service.

All of our Weather Radio pages for each state will show the S.A.M.E. code needed to program your receiver for the correct code. These codes are specific to each state's County ("Parish" in Louisiana and "Borough" in Alaska).

Not all NWR (National Weather Radio) stations have audio or live broadcasts available on the Internet. Our online player's weather button will attempt to load any available weather audio for your nearest online local station, if available. In all cases however, we have configured the information screen to alert you of these S.A.M.E. encoded messages within the player.

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