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This FM Oldies radio station is licensed by the FCC to HORNE RADIO, LLC in Sweetwater, Tennessee.

WMTY FM Facility & Coverage Map:

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WMTY FM Radio Station Information (FCC)

Callsign: WMTY-FM
Service Type: FM Class: A
Frequency: 98.3 MHz
FCC File #: BMLH-19930426KC
Power (H): 6,000 Watts / Power (V): 6 kW
Height Above Average Terrain: 135 ft. or 41.0 m.
Antenna Radiation Center...
   Above Ground Level: 233 ft. or 71.0 m.
   Above Median Sea Level: 1,135 ft. or 346.0 m.
Antenna Structure Registration #: -
Application ID: 185721
Latitude: 35.6136111111
Longitude: -84.4591666667
WMTY-FM FCC Data Last Confirmed on 2018-02-21 07:10:49 (Status: LIC)

Latest WMTY-FM News from the FCC:

Amendment of Section 73.202(b), Table of Allotments, Substitution of Channel 278C3 for Channel 278A and the Modification of its License for Station WMTY-FM to Specify Operation on the Higher Powered Channel.
Tuesday 9th of February 2016 12:00:00 AM

WMTY-FM FCC Facility Location:
BOX 330 BOX 330, SWEETWATER, TN 37874

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