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This low power FM (LPFM) Community Music and Talk radio station is licensed by the FCC to GREENCASTLE-ANTRIM EDUCATION FOUNDATION in Greencastle, Pennsylvania.
The station is community-oriented, relying heavily on news and information for and about the Greencastle and Antrim Township and surrounding area. Along with live broadcast of Greencastle-Antrim athletic and musical events, the station provides internships and many learning opportunities for the students of the Greencastle-Antrim School District. It also provides an outlet for community members to broadcast their areas of interest and hopefully become a showcase for local musicians.

You can learn more about the WRGG-LP radio station on their website: http://www.wrgg.org/


WRGG-LP FM Facility & Coverage Map:

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WRGG-LP FL Radios Station Information (FCC)
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Callsign: WRGG-LP
Service Type: FL Class: LP1
Frequency: 93.7 MHz
FCC File #: 0000091844
Power (H): 9,000 Watts / Power (V): 0.009 kW
Height Above Average Terrain: 322 ft. or 98.0 m.
Antenna Radiation Center...
   Above Ground Level: 171 ft. or 52.0 m.
   Above Median Sea Level: 991 ft. or 302.0 m.
Antenna Structure Registration #: 1026446
Application ID: 91844
Facility ID: 197436
Latitude: 39.791388888889
Longitude: -77.674722222222
WRGG-LP FCC Data Last Confirmed on 2021-03-06 13:18:16 (Status: LIC)

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"WRGG-LP FM 93.7 MHz in Greencastle, Pennsylvania (LPFM)"

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