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This FM Alternative radio station is licensed by the FCC to THE SCRANTON TIMES, L.P. in Nanticoke, Pennsylvania, and serving Scranton/wilkes-barre

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WFUZ FM Radio Station Information (FCC)

Callsign: WFUZ
Service Type: FM Class: A
Frequency: 92.1 MHz
FCC File #: BLH-20000106AAW
Power (H): 660 Watts / Power (V): 0.66 kW
Height Above Average Terrain: 994 ft. or 303.0 m.
Antenna Radiation Center...
   Above Ground Level: 272 ft. or 83.0 m.
   Above Median Sea Level: 2,274 ft. or 693.0 m.
Antenna Structure Registration #: 1201213
Application ID: 431442
Latitude: 41.1863888889
Longitude: -75.8591666667
WFUZ FCC Data Last Confirmed on 2018-02-21 07:10:49 (Status: LIC)
Service Frequency File Power HAAT RCAMSL Power (V) HAAT (V) RCAMSL (V) RCAGL ASRN App ID Latitide Longitude
FM92.1 MHzBLH-20000106AAW0.66303.0693.00.66303.0693.083.0120121343144241.1863888889-75.8591666667
FS92.1 MHzBMLH-20000110AAX0.28322.0705.00.28322.0705.071.0102706243156941.1830555556-75.8752777778
FS92.1 MHzBXLH-20060614ABE0.71284.0674.00.71284.0674.064.41201213113382241.1863888889-75.8591666667

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