WULF FM 94.3

94.3 The Wolf
The Wolf

This FM Country radio station is licensed by the FCC to SKYTOWER COMMUNICATIONS - 94.3, LLC in Hardinsburg, Kentucky.

You can learn more about the WULF radio station on their website: http://www.943wulf.com/

WULF FM Facility & Coverage Map:

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WULF FM Radio Station Information (FCC)

Callsign: WULF
Service Type: FM Class: C2
Frequency: 94.3 MHz
FCC File #: BLH-19950630KE
Power (H): 40,000 Watts / Power (V): 40 kW
Height Above Average Terrain: 525 ft. or 160.0 m.
Antenna Radiation Center...
   Above Ground Level: 466 ft. or 142.0 m.
   Above Median Sea Level: 1,201 ft. or 366.0 m.
Antenna Structure Registration #: -
Application ID: 210875
Latitude: 37.8716666667
Longitude: -86.2677777778
WULF FCC Data Last Confirmed on 2017-12-16 07:10:50 (Status: LIC)

Latest WULF News from the FCC:

Amendment of the rules governing PLMS air-ground stations; petitions for rule making filed by Wulfsberg Electronics, Denver Telephone.
Wednesday 17th of February 2016 12:00:00 AM

Tuesday 29th of December 2015 12:00:00 AM
[Wireless Telecommunications] Granted Request for Waiver of Commission Rules Governing Assignable Carrier Frequencies in the Aviation Services to permit the type certification of VHF aircraft transceivers capable of transmitting on both 25 kHz that are currently authorized and 8.33 kH
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Station WULF (FM), Hardinsburg, Kentucky
Sunday 13th of December 2015 12:00:00 AM
[Media] Issued a $5,600 monetary forfeiture to Station WULF(FM), Hardinsburg, Kentucky for relocating the Station's main studio to two separate locations outside of the boundaries defined in the Rule
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WULF FCC Facility Location:
P.O. BOX 1450 P.O. BOX 1450, HARDINSBURG, KY 40702

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