This AM radio station is licensed by the FCC to ZOE COMMUNICATIONS, INC. in Shell Lake, Wisconsin.

WXNK FCC Facility Location:
PO BOX 190 PO BOX 190, SHELL LAKE, WI 54871

WXNK AM Facility & Coverage Map:

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WXNK AM Radio Station Information (FCC)

Callsign: WXNK
Service: AM
Class: D
Facility ID: 10532
FCC File #: BL-11863
Application ID: 305695
Power: 1,000 Watts
Antenna Mode: NDD
Latitude: 45.693333333333
Longitude: -91.965833333333
WXNK FCC Data Last Confirmed on 2020-10-28 12:14:20 (Status: )

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"WXNK AM 940 kHz in Shell Lake, Wisconsin"

Radio Station:

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