WCTC AM 1450

Wctc 1450
The Voice Of Central Jersey

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This AM News/Talk radio station is licensed by the FCC to BEASLEY MEDIA GROUP LICENSES, LLC in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and serving Middlesex Area

You can learn more about the WCTC radio station on their website: http://www.wctcam.com/

WCTC FCC Facility Location:
P. O. BOX 1059 P. O. BOX 1059, NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ 08816

WCTC AM Facility & Coverage Map:

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WCTC AM Radio Station Information (FCC)

Callsign: WCTC
Service: AM
Class: C
Facility ID: 55180
FCC File #: BZ-19951012AB
Application ID: 215258
Power: 1,000 Watts
Antenna Mode: ND1
Latitude: 40.4922222222
Longitude: -74.4197222222
WCTC FCC Data Last Confirmed on 2018-02-20 07:11:17 (Status: )

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"WCTC AM 1450 kHz in New Brunswick, New Jersey"

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